Sarah Wallin-Huff: Paroketh's Veil

  • August 11, 2017
  • Chamber Music
  • Bluray- Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 (96khz, 24-bit) / Uncompressed Jecklin Disc Stereo Video: (Bonus Featurette only) 1080P 16x9
  • DVD- Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 / Uncompressed Jecklin Disc Stereo Video: (Bonus Featurette only) 16x9

An original work by Sarah Wallin Huff, this album will transcend chamber music to an ethereal experience.
DVD Case Imagery - Front

"The word Paroketh (PRKTh) refers to the Four Elements: Peh (Water), Resh (Air), Kaph (Fire), and Tau (Earth). It is the Veil of the Temple before the Holy of Holies… a veil made up of the four classical elements of the human body” (Dan Sewell Ward, Feb 2007). In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the “Veil of Paroketh” lies between the middle branches of intention, or consciousness, and the lowest branches of our physical reality. Everything “above” Paroketh’s Veil emerges from our conscious decisions and beyond… from the past stories and experiences that help shape our intentions to act as we choose in the world. A vintage aura of story and myth envelops this intimate collection of chamber music. For example, “Falada” — Portuguese for “speaking” or “discourse” — brings to mind the role storytellers of old played in their communities, passing down vital history and life lessons to the young. “Weeping Willow” recalls emotional whirlwinds of despair, hope, and passion — emotions common to us all. “Forgotten Melody” seeks deep within the soul to uncover that which was once hidden. And the three diverse works — “Of Roses and Lilies,” “Aradia, La Bella Pellegrina,” and “The Oracle” — tell the stories of their respective characters: ancient tales that continue to impact our modern culture. May we embrace our past stories to uncover the commonality inherent to all humanity.

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