Your presence, transported…

Enter a new location in your own living room, where music radiates all around and sends you to a beaming Parisian Cathedral, or the Taj Mahal, or a Greek Amphitheatre!

Our endeavor is to present the highest quality and fidelity music possible, be it classical music, rock’n’roll, jazz, or electronic. We had one purpose when starting this record label: to present a new dimension in music through the surround sound medium, recording our musicians at the highest fidelity we can muster.

A unique approach we endeavor toward mixing our albums are the representation of the music. We seek to let the emotion of the piece dictate its mixing, freeing all sound sources from being locked down to a single location, and allowing true surround sound mixing to allow instruments to pass from in front of you to behind, and vocals from the side of you to around the room, presenting a true artistic form of listening to beautiful musical pieces. While allowing its freedom to form, we also seek to recreate recording locations, setting up microphones throughout the location to give the impression of being at that location when you play it back with your surround sound home theater.

At CBTTF Records, our intention is for you to make an emotional connection with the music. This is what drives our albums, from recording to final mixing. If our albums move you, then we’ve succeeded in all our artistic endeavors.

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